Kaula Yoga DK

Traditional Tantra Yoga & Ayurvedic Walking Massage

Kaula Yoga DK offers the unique Traditional Kaula Tantra Yoga system and ayurvedic walking massage in Copenhagen and surrounding areas – sometimes we also have events other places in Denmark.

Traditional Kaula Tantra Yoga is a balancing and meditative form of yoga. It balances you from the inside out, which will truly build you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Everybody can participate and will benefit from this practice – no matter your previous yoga experience, flexibility, weight, height, sex or age.

Classes & Events

At Kaula Yoga DK we offer Traditional Tantra Yoga classes in Copenhagen and surrounding areas as well as events all over Denmark.

Read more about our classes and events here. 

What is Kaula Tantra?

The Kaula tradition is unique, as it integrates tantra and yoga. Tantra means essence and is an organic science that sees life from a wholesome perspective.

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Ayurvedic Walking Massage

Ayurvedic Walking Massage is a unique and highly effective massage based on traditional ayurvedic knowledge. The massage works with alignment as well as pressure points and meridians/nadis

Read more about the massage here.

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