Ayurvedic Walking Massage in Copenhagen

What is Ayurvedic walking massage?

ayuvedic walking massage copenhagenAyurvedic walking massage is a unique and highly effective full body massage based on traditional Ayurvedic knowledge (the traditional Indian medicine system).

The massage works with the body and bone alignment as well as pressure points and meridians/nadis (energy pathways).

By activating these points and energy pathways, you are releasing blockages and letting the prana/chi (your primordial life force) flow through your body. This way, all your systems are activated and balanced, and there is no tension in the body or mind.

The ayurvedic walking massage is a part of the Traditional Kaula Yoga system.

Who can benefit from Ayurvedic walking massage?

In Ayurveda, you do not only see treatments as healing but also as preventive. Since Ayurvedic walking massage works with balancing your overall health, most people will benefit from it.

Below you can see examples of situations where you can benefit from this massage:

  • If you have Injuries:
    The massage can help to heal many different bone or muscle injuries, as it improves and works with the body and bone alignment.
  • If you have ailments:
    The massage balances your subtle energy system, and can, therefore, be effective in healing various diseases.
  • If you do sports:
    If you do sport, a good routine of massage is important to maintain the suppleness of your body and the elasticity of your muscle fibers. Furthermore, if you get injuries, the ayurvedic walking massage can help you to recover faster.
  • If you want to maintain and balance your overall health:
    The ayurvedic walking massage is extremely beneficial for your overall health as it balances your whole system. It massages away the body’s toxins (lymphatic wastes), improves mood, relieves stress, and more.

To be able to receive the massage, you need to be able to lay on your stomach on a mattress.

If you are unsure if there is anything you need to be aware of about your health, consult your doctor before booking a massage.

How is Ayurvedic walking massage taking place?

You will receive the massage lying on a mat on the floor, and the giver of the massage will then use his/her feet to apply controlled pressure at specific points and areas of your body.

The massage usually takes 45 minutes per session.

You will be fully dressed during the massage.

It is most comfortable for you if you wear loose clothes. So it is better to avoid jeans or similar.


Currently, we do not have a permanent place where we offer Ayurvedic walking massage in Copenhagen, but we are located in this area and will regularly announce when we have available times. If you would like to book a massage, contact us for more information.

We can also come to surrounding areas and cities if you can gather a small interested group.

We also regularly offer workshops in other parts of Denmark and also provide massage agreements and events for companies.

Price, booking & further information

Contact us for information about prices, to book an appointment or for any questions:

info @ kaulayoga.dk