What is Traditional Kaula Tantra Yoga?

what is tantra yoga headerTraditional Tantra Yoga is also called Kaula yoga and it is a meditative and balancing form of yoga that teaches every cell in your body to relax and meditate.

This ancient yoga system arises from the Rg. Veda itself (considered one of the oldest extant texts), and it balances you from the inside out, which will truly build you physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is a practice that does not only focus on which muscles you are using or where the stretch is, and is not about physical performance.

Traditional Kaula Tantra Yoga is taught from a timeless formula based on the subtle energy system (prana or chi), and therefore does not only focus on the physical aspects.

To balance and optimize your subtle system, you need to truly relax. Not in the sense of just resting, but being able to relax in everything you do.

This is not an intellectual process, but something you learn by culturing the subconscious to relax through a practice that has this aspect integrated. When you truly relax, your systems become more efficient and you will become stronger, your metabolism and hormones will balance, your body ergonomics become more efficient and you will balance your overall health.

The asanas (yoga postures) in traditional tantra yoga are gentle yet firm and challenging, leading to a practice beyond competition and physical appearance but into a meditative experience.

You will learn to follow your intuitive body awareness and not focus on external standards – not in yoga and not in everyday life.

With a regular yoga practice, you will integrate serenity and intuitive awareness into daily life, and you will get a wholesome perspective of yourself and your environment, and with that, you will respond intelligently instead of reacting from stress, past mistakes or past experiences.

Who can participate in Traditional Kaula Tantra Yoga?

Everybody can participate and will benefit from this practice – no matter your previous yoga experience, flexibility, weight, height, sex or age (as long as you are more than 16 years old).

If you are pregnant, Traditional Tantra Yoga is, however, not necessarily recommended as the yoga works with the subtle energy system (prana) and it is often better not todo practoces that involve this during pregnancy. Furthermore, there are several positions where you will be laying on your stomach.

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What is Traditional Tantra?

The Kaula tradition, is unique as it integrates tantra and yoga. Tantra means essence and is an organic science that sees life from a wholesome perspective. It teaches you to look at life realistically – look at every situation without fears, without any illusions, without any conditioning, but truly look at life as it is.

The modern idea of tantra as often being only about sexuality is a modern myth – it has nothing to do with the traditional systems of tantra.

Traditional tantra does, however, also not ignore or repress sexuality as it looks at life from a wholesome perspective. But it is NOT just a series of techniques to achieve sensual pleasure, but a holistic practice and knowledge that will help you to live out your full potential and achieve health, harmony and freedom in all aspects of life.

Below you can hear more about the traditional appraoch to tantra from Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Anantha Natha whom we at Kaula Yoga DK have studied with through many years: